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RTIQ Series I/Q Detector

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The RTIQ Series of I/Q detectors was developed by RTI to measure the amplitude and phase of an IF input signal relative to a fixed level (Ref) signal.

Design Note: Radar Technology can customize any of our products to meet your individual system requirements. RTI also offers many Form, Fit, Function replacements to old RHG Electronics Amplifiers.


  • 10-350MHz Frequency Range
General Specifications
Required Reference Signal Input Level: +13 ±1dBm
Max. Ev Input Level (for 1dB saturation): +13dBm
Source Impedance 50 Ohms
Video Load Impedance 75 Ohms
Gain (K) 3.5 ±.35V
Dynamic Range -20 to 0dBm
Power Requirements ± 15VDC
Connectors SMA

Optional Specifications
Power Supplies ± 12V DC (add suffix C)
Temperature Range -30 to +71° C

RTIQ Specification Table
Model Center Frequency (MHz) Information Bandwidth (MHz) Accuracy Bandwidth (MHz) Settling Time (uS) Angular Accuracy (Deg.)
RTIQ-3010 30 10 2 0.1 ±5
RTIQ-6020 60 20 4 0.08 ±5
RTIQ-7020 70 20 4 0.08 ±5
RTIQ-16020 160 20 4 0.08 ±5
RTIQ-35020 350 20 6 0.05 ±5